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Staycation at Marina Bay Sands: Memorable Place for All

 All of us are familiar with Marina Bay Sands. This accommodation becomes a Singapore landmark due to its iconic architecture. We can see it featured by most filmmakers, including Crazy Rich Asians. 

Visitors can do multiple things in this place. It offers us its infinity pool, the ArtScience Museum, and the gorgeous mall. The following information explains why we should do a staycation here. 

The Rooms

This gorgeous hotel provides us with several types of deluxe rooms. Each room has a different view. Like city view, garden view, and harbor view. We can select the bedding type, whether king bed or twin bed. 

All room types in Marina Bay Sands are spacious and have complete amenities, from minibar to ironing facilities. Of course, we can use the work desk in the room for working. 

The staycation package includes breakfast and Wi-Fi in the room. Every Deluxe Room offers us its stunning view. One of the favorites is Deluxe Garden View where we can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Garden of the Bay Supertrees. Meanwhile, the Deluxe City View also exposes the Floating Platform. 

Infinity Swimming Pool

Another reason why this Marina Bay Sands chosen for a staycation is because of its infinity pool. People come here as they want to experience it. From far away, we can notice its unique and marvelous design. Having a length of 151 meters, it becomes the largest rooftop pool in the world. We can experience catching the Singapore Skyline while we are standing here. 

Because of health and safety protocols, the management divides the area in the infinity pool into three sections. Visitors are prohibited to cross over between pools. It opens every day from 06.30 A.M until midnight, and each guest only gets a one-hour slot per day. 

The Buffet Breakfast

Guests can enjoy the buffet breakfast in the Rise Restaurant. We can have it served in our room too. Mention our preferred request to the staff. The breakfast menus in Marina Bay Sands are numerous, from American to Asian. We can find the Continental menus, such as salads, cheeses, and pastries. Yet, breakfast will be served at our tables because of safe distancing measures. 

Although we do not take the buffet items by ourselves, we do not need to wait long. There is a lot of services that will deliver our food straight to our table. So, no long line or queue while entering the restaurant. 

Sands Skypark Observation Deck

Located on the 57th floor, the Marina Bay Sands has the Skypark Observation Deck. Once we step our feet here, we can enjoy its insane views. This Skypark is also an iconic spot that we should not miss. It is the best spot to see Singapore from above. We can view the Singapore Flyer capsules from this spot too. 

Additionally, we can see the domes having the durian-shaped or Merlion statue. It is possible to spot some iconic landmarks of Singapore from this Skypark. The Observation Deck is a must-visit attraction while having a staycation in here. 

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