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Food Review at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore


Sofitel Sentosa Singapore is an upscale resort near the bay. The place is at the top of a cliff about a kilometer from the nearest Beach Tram stop. In addition, you can also cover a distance of two kilometers if you depart from Tanjong Beach and Universal Studios Singapore. Also, for providing classy lodging services, the food at this resort is superior. Here is the full review about this staycation place. 

Breakfast at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore

Start your morning by eating the dishes provided by this resort. You can choose from many menus. Those are a la carte, continental, or buffet breakfast options. 

Those are available at this inn. You can choose from a wide selection of types of food with western and Asian menu options. There is a surcharge of 42 SGD for adults and 11 SGD for children.

This fee applies if breakfast is not included in the room rate. You can save on breakfast costs by booking a room that includes breakfast. This service is often asked by visitors because it is more affordable than buying food directly at the resort.

Many different menus will make you happier. It is because of the delicious taste and serving way. If you stay in this resort with the kids, they can choose their meals too. So, that will be interesting and satisfying to start the day. 

Romantic Dinner at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa offers three on-site restaurants to support your dining comfort. A variety of dishes are available with breakfast, dinner, and lunch. You can choose and pick up a variety of cuisines with Western and Asian menus. Meals are served in a la carte and buffet during opening hours.

Snacks such as soup, coffee or tea, desserts, and salads are served using only quality ingredients. To cater to special dietary requirements, vegetarian diets are also available with a very careful and considerate cooking process.

Food Review at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Restaurant

The service at this hotel is according to the price, is perfect. The food also has a delicious taste. The restaurant facilities are also complete. It is highly recommended to take a package that includes breakfast. If you intend to stay at this resort, per night it is quite pricey. However, don't worry if you don't bring cash.

You can use a credit or debit card. The deposit will be sent back to you immediately upon check out. The place is also very comfortable both for meetings, workshops, or just relaxing. For the record, if you are interested in looking for breakfast and want to eat fried rice and dim sum, these dishes are available at the restaurant on the terrace.

So, how about the food review at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore Resort and Spa? Of course, it's very interesting to immediately visit and try the food, right? Staying at this resort is guaranteed to provide a memorable experience. Because in terms of interior, service, facilities, until the food is very satisfying.

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